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Leung Lab @ 2015 Purdue Spring Fest

Prof. Motokazu Tsujikawa visited the Leung Lab at Purdue University

Prof. Motokazu Tsujikawa from the Department of Ophthalmology and the Department of Visual Regenerative Medicine at the Osaka University Medical School in Japan visited Leung Lab at Purdue, Indiana University School of Medicine – Lafayette, Bindley Bioscience Center and Drug Discovery Center from 10/22 – 24, 2014. He also gave a departmental seminar on  “Retinal […]

Setting up zebrafish electroretinography in the lab

We have been hoping to set up the zebrafish electroretinography in the lab to facilitate our drug discovery program for a while. When Prof. Kwoon Wong  from the Kellogg Eye Center at the University of Michigan visited our department in early December, we seized the opportunity to learn from him and asked for his help to put the components together. […]

Leung Lab @ ARVO 2013

Sylvia and Fai attended the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology and presented their work on novel signal transduction for photoreceptor development and using traditional Chinese medicine to treat retinal degeneration. Sylvia received a National Eye Institute Travel Grant and Yeunkyung Woo Achieve Excellence Travel Award to attend the […]

When you are away for Christmas…

you may get a pleasant surprise when you come back!

2012 Christmas Party

A highlight of a memorable evening!

The visit of a delegation from the Joint Shantou International Eye Center

On 12th November 2012, Prof. Calvin Chi-Pui Pang from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Prof. Haoyu Chen from the Joint Shantou International Eye Center (JSIEC), Shantou University & the Chinese University of Hong Kong visited the Leung Lab and the research facilities at Purdue University. Prof Pang and Chen first met with Prof. […]

One of the many causes of the financial crisis in universities these days

A colleague at Purdue puts it in perspective in a Bloomberg News article:  College Costs Rise With $250,000-a-Year Bureaucrats