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Setting up zebrafish electroretinography in the lab

Image courtesy: Lue Xiang @ Leung lab

We have been hoping to set up the zebrafish electroretinography in the lab to facilitate our drug discovery program for a while. When Prof. Kwoon Wong  from the Kellogg Eye Center at the University of Michigan visited our department in early December, we seized the opportunity to learn from him and asked for his help to put the components together.

Image courtesy: Lue Xiang @ Leung lab

Dr. Don Ready kindly let us used his fly ERG setup for our test. Dr. Wong spent an afternoon trying different parameters and finally we have obtained a very decent ERG trace.  Many more friends and colleagues contributed to this endeavour, including Dr. Woody Walls who gathered a number of components and laid down the foundation over a period of time, lab members Prahatha Venkatraman and Lue Xiang who collected ample healthy embryos for the test, and Lue Xiang as the assistant of Dr. Wong during the course of experimentation. We would like to optimize this system further and are seeking highly motivated students with physiology and/or engineering background. We are particularly interested in the talents who like electrophysiology and would like to contribute their effort to identify new drugs for patients.

Left: Dr. Wong explained various ERG concepts to the lab members. Top right: lab members shared their research with Dr. Wong over lunch. Middle right: Dr. Wong worked on the ERG setup. Bottom right: Dr. Wong and Fai learned from Dr. Ready on several critical components of the ERG setup. Image courtesy: Lue Xiang @ Leung lab

Dr. Woody Walls instructed us on using LabChart for data collection. Image courtesy: Lue Xiang @ Leung lab