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Category Archives: lab research

Truc presented her retinal-degeneration research at the SURF Research Symposium

On 8/1/2019, Truc Kha presented her research work on retinitis pigmentosa, a form of retinal degeneration, at the SURF Research Symposium.

2019-03-30 Leung Lab attended the the 134th Annual Meeting for the Indiana Academy of Science

Emre Coskun, Rebecca James, Logan Ganzen, Truc Kha and Yuk Fai Leung attended the 134th Annual Meeting for the Indiana Academy of Science in Indianapolis, IN on March 30th, 2019. All students presented at the meeting.    

2018-11-12 Emre presented his undergraduate research project at Purdue Fall Undergraduate Research Exposition

On 11/12/2018, Emre Coskun attended the Purdue Fall Undergraduate Research Exposition and presented a poster of his undergraduate reserarch work on “A Pharmacological Model of TRPA1-Mediated Nociception in the Zebrafish for Therapeutic Discovery”. This project was conceived by our graduate student Logan Ganzen. Logan and Emre worked closely to develop the foundation of this research […]

2018-11-10 Leung lab attended the 2018 Sensorium

On 11/10/2018, Logan Ganzen and Yuk Fai Leung attended the 2018 Sensorium at Purdue University. Logan gave a talk on “Drug Screening and Hit Identification for Retinitis Pigmentosa with Zebrafish” and shared our latest discoveries on using zebrafish to find new drugs to treat night blindness.  

Setting up zebrafish electroretinography in the lab

We have been hoping to set up the zebrafish electroretinography in the lab to facilitate our drug discovery program for a while. When Prof. Kwoon Wong  from the Kellogg Eye Center at the University of Michigan visited our department in early December, we seized the opportunity to learn from him and asked for his help to put the components together. […]

Summer research project promotes collaboration between Statistics and Biological Sciences

Robert Carmer, an HHMI Summer Undergrate Student, was featured in the press releases of the College of Science and Department of Biological Sciences. Also see him describing his research experience in this video.

The making of a machine to test vision of zebrafish larvae

We have recently begun to work on a project that requires us to find out whether a zebrafish larva can see or not. To this end, we have built a small machine to check whether the larvae show a visual behaviour called the optokinetic response (OKR). This video shows the OKR machine, which is essentially […]