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Lab hiking!

At Purdue, five zebrafish laboratories (Qing Deng, Daniel Suter, Yuk Fai Leung, David Umulis, Guangjun Zhang) have a joint lab meeting called FLAME (zebraFish LAb MEeting). We not only meet regularly to discuss science, but we also have fun together. On 5/13/2019, we concluded another productive year by hiking together at the Turkey Run State […]

Gender, Race, Sexuality, and the Neuroscience of Healthy Relationships

The thing that ties each of the following links together is a discussion of the need to incorporate equity, affirmation, and continued learning into social, scientific, and political spheres.  And to recognize that the lines between these spaces is a social construct. This article offers an explanation of how sexism affects both the oppressed and […]

Ig Nobel prize 2014

Wonderful studies as usual! The 2014 Ig Nobel Winners: Banana Peels to Nasal Pork

Autism, The Politics of “Normal”, and Thinking Fast and Slow (the book)

A Cognitive Defense of Stimming (or Why “Quiet Hands” Makes Math Harder) In the last decade or so, autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) have been in the forefront of the news and research.  Originally, the people thought autism was a psychological disorder and that it was similar to schitzophrenia.  There was a complete lack of understanding about […]

Spider Dog – for some humor

Since we all need to laugh more than we do: Best, Skye  🙂

The Hum

Here is a random/interesting article about a sensory phenomenon that occurs across the world.

Week – 1 in MBL : Genomics Bootcamp

Saturday, June 14th marked the end of my first week at Woods Hole (I apologize for the late post). It was certainly a genomics bootcamp! In just one week, we learnt to dissect the ventral nerve chords from 3rd instar Drosophila larvae, extracted RNA, did microarrays, analyzed data and came up with hypotheses of what […]

My trip to Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), Woods Hole, MA.

Lipid synthesis, stem cells, CRISPR, cell differentiation, coffee, faculty life in Puerto Rico, softball, ion channels, PhD in Europe, ball room dancing, buying a house in seattle, Epilepsy, larval Drosophila brain dissection – that’s an eclectic mix of topics to talk about for one day and this is not even an exhaustive list! These topics […]

LGBTQ+ Pride Flag (Rainbow Flag) History

Here is a brief history of the LGBTQ+ pride flag. For more information about Harvey Milk, watch the movie “Milk” released in 2008 staring Sean Penn.  Many people do not know that during WWII the Nazi’s labeled concentration camp prisoners with a variety of labels (You can see the “code” here:  Gay men […]

Leung Lab Comic 1

A fun comic about everyday happenings in the Leung lab.