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Week – 1 in MBL : Genomics Bootcamp

Saturday, June 14th marked the end of my first week at Woods Hole (I apologize for the late post). It was certainly a genomics bootcamp! In just one week, we learnt to dissect the ventral nerve chords from 3rd instar Drosophila larvae, extracted RNA, did microarrays, analyzed data and came up with hypotheses of what could be happening in our samples. We interacted and worked closely with wonderful TAs and faculty from different universities. This exercise certainly made me appreciate the hard work put in to genomic techniques (especially microarrays, RNAseq) and the enormity of the data obtained.

To celebrate the end of first week, some of us took a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard before charging up for the next section.

On the Ferry to Martha's Vineyard

We rented bikes and explored the beautiful island a little bit before settling for a nice picnic on the beach!

America's oldest platform carousel at Martha's Vineyard

Exploring Martha's Vineyard

Thus ended a great first week.
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