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Gender, Race, Sexuality, and the Neuroscience of Healthy Relationships

The thing that ties each of the following links together is a discussion of the need to incorporate equity, affirmation, and continued learning into social, scientific, and political spheres.  And to recognize that the lines between these spaces is a social construct. This article offers an explanation of how sexism affects both the oppressed and […]

Autism, The Politics of “Normal”, and Thinking Fast and Slow (the book)

A Cognitive Defense of Stimming (or Why “Quiet Hands” Makes Math Harder) In the last decade or so, autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) have been in the forefront of the news and research.  Originally, the people thought autism was a psychological disorder and that it was similar to schitzophrenia.  There was a complete lack of understanding about […]

New Information about Health, Weight, and Food.

Using Anthropology, Biology, and Physics to Decrease Infant Mortality

Here is an excellent article about the progress that can be made when disciplines work together.

Most people are not observant

This is not a new idea, but look at this funny experiment done at Harvard. I just can’t stop wondering how much we are missing when we are staring at our experiments with our own preconception… Most People Are Not Observant – Watch more Funny Videos