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Category Archives: lab activities

Purdue University Undergraduate Research Symposium

On 2016-04-12, Paige Cassidy presented her research work at the Purdue University Undergraduate Research Symposium. She was supervised by Prahatha Venkatraman, a graduate student in the laboratory and a Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for Future Fellow.

Sylvia Bonilla’s defense and celebration party

On 2016-04-11, Sylvia Bonilla defended her thesis and graduated.  

Leung Lab presented at the 131st Annual Academy Meeting of the Indiana Academy of Science

On 2016-03-26, Menna Hassan, Patrick Tiffany, Ryan Wyer and Khaled Noui-Mehidi presented their research at the 131st Annual Academy Meeting of the Indiana Academy of Science. They were supervised by graduate students Prahatha Venkatraman and Logan Ganzen.    

Menna participated in the Lafayette Regional Science & Engineering Fair!

Menna Hassan participated in the Lafayette Regional Science & Engineering Fair and won two awards: (1) a bronze medal under the Animal Science category in the Seniors division, and (2) a blue ribbon. Congratulations! By winning the latter award, she is ranked in the top ten students of the Fair and has been invited to […]

A random afternoon in the lab…

Leung Lab @ ARVO 2015

Prahatha Venkatraman and Yuk Fai Leung attended the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) in Denver, CO, from 5/3 – 5/7. Prahatha presented a poster entitled “Understanding the contribution of photoreceptors to the visual motor response”. Lue Xiang, a former visiting scholar in the laboratory, also attended the […]

Leung Lab @ 2015 Purdue Spring Fest

Week – 1 in MBL : Genomics Bootcamp

Saturday, June 14th marked the end of my first week at Woods Hole (I apologize for the late post). It was certainly a genomics bootcamp! In just one week, we learnt to dissect the ventral nerve chords from 3rd instar Drosophila larvae, extracted RNA, did microarrays, analyzed data and came up with hypotheses of what […]

My trip to Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), Woods Hole, MA.

Lipid synthesis, stem cells, CRISPR, cell differentiation, coffee, faculty life in Puerto Rico, softball, ion channels, PhD in Europe, ball room dancing, buying a house in seattle, Epilepsy, larval Drosophila brain dissection – that’s an eclectic mix of topics to talk about for one day and this is not even an exhaustive list! These topics […]

Leung Lab Comic 1

A fun comic about everyday happenings in the Leung lab.