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2014-03-23 New articles we read this week

Genomics Venter’s New Goal: World’s Largest Sequencing Operation Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing: Not Quite Ready for Prime Time? Genetics Vanderperre B, Lucier JF, Bissonnette C, Motard J, Tremblay G, Vanderperre S, Wisztorski M, Salzet M, Boisvert FM, Roucou X. Direct detection of alternative open reading frames translation products in human significantly expands the proteome. PLoS […]

2014-01-30 New articles we read this week

Stem cells A young scientist in Japan has found a simple approach to make totipotent stem cells by lowering the pH. Stimulus-triggered fate conversion of somatic cells into pluripotency. Nature Bidirectional developmental potential in reprogrammed cells with acquired pluripotency. Nature Cell biology: Potency unchained. Nature commentary BBC news: Stem cell ‘major discovery’ claimed Boston Globe: […]