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When you are away for Christmas... (Slideshow)

Fai's office


 Christmas party 2012! (Slideshow)

Leung Lab Purdue 2012


New Years Party 2011! (Slideshow)

New Years

Christmas Party 2010! (Slideshow)

Christmas Party

2010-06-16-20 Zebrafish Meeting Slideshow

Zebra fish slideshow

Christmas Party 09

Christmas Party 09

Zeran Li the Sandy and Zippy Ostroy Award recipient

Daniel Suter and Fai dancing hottub

lab outing

2008-05-28 The first Leung lab lunch gathering - Red Seven Bar & Grill. Everyone working in the Leung lab is well fed.


Leung Lab 2008 Christmas Party – Nakama Restaurant


Monica’s birthday party – O-ishi Restaurant (2009-01-07)

weekend outting

2009-04-11 Lab party in Nine Irish Brothers to celebrate the award of a Knights Templar Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowshipto Yuqing Zhang and the birthday of Liyun Zhang.