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Shark Fining Truth

I know that we all take a lite attitude when talking about shark fin soup in the lab, but it really is a serious issue. After watching the documentary “Sharkwater” on, which is about shark fining, I was shocked. I am definitely changing my tone about being open minded to trying any new food and will now have shark fin soup as my exception. I personally was unaware that the fin industry was so corrupt, dishonest, and dangerous. I think this movie is completely worth the 1 hour and 16 minutes to watch. You can go to and search “Sharkwater” and the movie comes up in 9 segments about 10 minutes each. Hope you all take the time to watch it and see the truth behind this dish.

I do want to clarify that I don’t think that the shark fin soup dish should be done away with all together. However, I do think there needs to be a world wide push controlling the number of sharks harvested and also the methods of capture used in harvesting these animals. The ocean is a vast area and it will take all countries working together to protect the sea and it’s sharks.