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Category Archives: animal behaviour

Sense of fairness in animals

Just come across this interesting video the other day..   which is an except from this TED talk : Frans de Waal: Moral behavior in animals

Beware of Penguin thieves!

It is fair to say that there is still so much to learn about animal behaviour. 🙂

Why Roosters Have Wattles?

From The test hens responded more quickly to the tidbitting males that had the normal or stationary wattles, less quickly to the one with the extra floppy wattle (….) and slowest to the male lacking wattles. After the hen’s attention was gained, though, she reacted about the same to each of the four animated […]

The origin of laughter

Why do we laugh? Is there any evolutionary significance? Well, instead of pondering about these questions… why not tickle a primate to find it out? Humans aren’t the only ones who like it in the armpit. Our fellow great apes — orangutans, chimps, bonobos and gorillas — also squeal in response to tickling, and new […]

Animal can dance to music!

A scientific research paper can start with a viral video on youtube. A while ago a cockatoo called Snowball was shown to dance to music. Interesting questions were raised by this observation. Did the bird really dance to the music or did it mimic the human action? Dancing is a complex behaviour that requires coordination […]