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People: alumni

Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Current Position
Liyun Zhang Postdoctoral Fellow at Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University
Yuqing Zhang Clinical Lab Scientist, PacGenomics

Graduate Students

Name Current Position
Sylvia Bonilla Postdoctoral fellow at University of Florida                                                                           
Prahatha Venkatraman Postdoctoral fellow at University of Michigan

Medical Summer Intern

Name Current Position
Tim Duh Medical Student at Indiana University School of Medicine—West Lafayette                                                                         

Undergraduate students

Name Current Position
Zain Abedali Medical Student at Indiana University School of Medicine
Tanner Benzinger Anesthetist at Anesthesiology Associates of Tallahassee
Fernanda Borges Undergraduate Student at Federal University of Uberlandia
Robert Carmer Associate at Argus Information and Advisory Services
Paige Cassidy Medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine
Jin Cho Medical Student at Chungnam National University School of medicine, Korea
Paul Cohen Emergency Medicine Physician at at Memorial Hospital - Maine Health
Mang Gao
Graduate Student at Purdue University
Wan Jiang Pending
Zeran Li Graduate Student in the Neurosciences Program at Washington University in St. Louis
Yingyi Liang Pending
Danielle Monn Pending
Khaled Noui-Mehidi Pending
Devon Ptak Dental Student at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine
Kavya Sankhavaram Pending
Meng She Intern at Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention
J.D. Stephens Pending
Victoria Svensson Registered Nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Martin Tian Blockchain Engineer at Carlife tech
Patrick Tiffany Medical Student at Indiana University School of Medicine
Ryan Wyer Pending
Gaonan Zhang FSO Assurance Staff, Ernst & Young

High School Student

Name Current Position
Menna Hassan Undergraduate student at Purdue University

Technician/Project Coordinator

Name Current Position
Monica Hensley Technician at Carnegie Institution for Science
Skye Kantola Violence Prevention Program Coordinator, Purdue University

Visiting scholars

Name Current Position
Leelyn Chong Pending
Lue Xiang Research Staff at Wenzhou Medical University
Yifan Yang Pending


Name Current Position
Sheryl Foley Unity Healthcare
Melissa Hammond Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President for Communications at Purdue University
Destiny Maxey Pending
Katie Pechin Pastoral Asst. for Mission & Discipleship, Church of the Blessed Sacrament